Gabriola Post and Beam

Timber Frame structures are known to last for hundreds of years. They are durable and one of the earliest forms of framing Structures. Today they are still used and highly sought after. They often offer open concept areas, and exposed beams. Our craftsman are experienced in offering simple cottages to an extravagant homes with exposed gothic bents, etc.

With our friends at we can offer cutting edge design with personal design services. Our team can help you from start to finish in your home or cottage. Offering one of a kind designs, custom tailored to fit your every need. Timber Frame Home tend to be a little more expensive that conventional homes, but they last the test of time and worth every penny. Call us today to start you one of a kind design.

Our frames are made of White Spruce, Hemlock, Fir, Ash and Pine. Custom woods can also be provide depending on the client’s tastes. Our mill starts the process by cutting the timber to squares and sticking them to air dry. The material is covered and set aside to dry for a period of 6 months. At that time we then plane our timber if required by client and start the joinery required to complete the frame of the home or structure. After each bent is fitted and assembled they are then disassembled and labeled for reassembly. We take extra pride in packing our product to insure that there is no damage to the timbers during transport.

We offer different options after the Frame is complete:

  • Sandwich Panel Roof
  • Pine exposed sheeting over roof rafters.
  • Staining of Beams
  • Accent Joinery ex. Hammer Beams
  • Framed walls with insulation and drywall. (conventional framed wall)
  • Log Infill.   We call this model the TimberLog Model.
  • Metal Roofing
  • Commercial Glazing units
  • In Floor Wine Vault
  • Organic 4 season Green House.
  • Off Grid Electrical and plumbing package. (solar and wind)
  • Triple glazed window.
  • Gazebo and Pavilion

Timber Frame Models