Omega Contracting Incorporated is pleased to offer its Luxury Camping Pods. These camping pods are designed for individuals that like camping, guest quarters, groups, parks, and B & B’s.

Our unique design leaves the owner/visitor with a great experience, and a desire to return and enjoy again and again. Made of Eastern White Cedar exterior and Pine interior the pods are sure to last a lifetime. There are many options when it comes to designing your custom pod:

There are many options when it comes to designing your custom pod:

  • Shingles or Cedar Siding
  • Pine 3/4 board or Pine Paneling
  • 12 mm laminate or waterproof flooring
  • kitchenette and options needed or open space to maximize on space
  • Solar or Wind power options
  • Custom size
  • Model design so that other pods can attach and create a small mini complex
  • Cedar Shake Front option with overhand porch for sitting area.
  • Detached front deck
  • Log Spindle Railing
  • All log Pod also available
  • Canoe Rack
  • Cold storage options

If you’re not in the market to spend $50,000 to $100,000 on a cottage or recreation investment, this is a great alternative. With our units starting as low as $15,000 families and businesses alike can purchase multiple units creating a one of a kind experience yet having all the amenities as a cottage would have.

For businesses like Parks this is extremely attractive. Each unit on average costs $20,000 delivered. The Camping season is about 120-150 days per season. If one was to rent out the Pod for 50% of the season at a rate of 80 per night. It would pay down $5600 per year on the Pod, and could be paid off in 3-4 years. Making the return on investment very high, and the potential for businesses to maximize profit for long term business success.

We offer Trade in on Pods models (newer or upgrade only), customer referral program $500 to past client for referring us to new clients, mobile moving service, and winter storage of your camping pod.

Our pods are designed to be moved and relocated to the clients desired location. We provide moving service and also can provide a trailer package in your purchase if you wish. The Camping Pods do not make a large foot print on mother nature by not needing foundations. Just some minor adjusting when needed. Instructions come with each purchase.

With 96% of the pod being constructed of natural products we can say that we are a green alternative to other recreational products on the markets. Protecting the environment so we have somewhere to camp too.

We think this is Podtastick!!!
Come join the movement of Pod Camping!