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Project Management

A Project Manager is one of the most crucial team member needed in looking after your project. Picking the right sub trades, safety protocol, city permits, inspections/approvals, scheduling, and cost control are of most importance. This is before the project gets off the ground and started. From there the project manager has to be on top of schedule, coordination of materials with sub trades, sequence of the work to be performed, and sign off on invoicing of completed work. No the job isn’t finished yet. Inspections and close out are very important to make sure nothing gets missed and the proper authorities are satisfied and signed off on the completed project. Through out this whole process the project manager make sure the home owner is up to date on what is going on, answering questions and also making adjustments to keep on schedule and on budget. We have highly skilled Project Managers with many years experience and training to help in this department. You can rest well knowing your project is in good hands.

Coordination Process

Coordinating sub- trades, material deliveries, garbage pickup, infections, etc. There is a lot to any project. Coronation is one of the important factors in running a smooth project. Less glitches and issues means less delays and costs. No one wants to be on site to do work and materials not there or the power is cut because the electrician is working on panel.   With experience and open communication with our trades and suppliers we strive to iron out even the smallest wrinkle in the coronation process. This is one of the key components to our success and growth.

Reporting and Cost Control

We like to keep our clients up to date weekly if need for decision making on design or locations. Through the use of spreadsheets we keep the client up to date on where we are on the project and when the next advance is needed (all laid out in contract). The use of spreadsheets help client track cost of changes, additional options added along the way or credits due to removing or deleting items in the design. This weekly report keeps everyone on the same page, and avoids surprises. As a part of our cost control we use change orders when doing modifications or changes to the initial design. Any cost associated with each change order is identified and signed off by owner before the work is started or changed.

Commissioning and Project Closeout

At the end of the project we like to make sure everything is finalized and all parties involved are completely satisfied. Inspectors, government authorities, and of course the client. At the end of the project we meet with our clients, go over the spreadsheet of the project and discuss and submit inspection reports, etc. We complete a walk through and perform a thorough inspection prior to the client signing off.